The Bounce Program™

Work-readiness training that boosts your wellbeing!

Change your mindset. Find your way.

Looking for work can feel hard. But research shows, that work plays an important role in promoting positive health and wellbeing. This means when you’re working, you feel good about yourself, you have a strong sense of purpose, and you have more financial freedom to do the things you want.

The Bounce Program can help you with all that!

Bounce will help you


get clear

Discover more about yourself, and the type of work you want to do.


be confident

Develop the confidence you need to find a job you’ll love.

Red Heart_Good

feel good

Let positive thoughts and energy fuel your mind and body.

Yellow Light_Motivation

stay motivated

Get a plan to help you stay focused on your goals.

Bounce Online is the most inspiring, surprising and fun employment training you’ll ever do. It’s jam-packed with videos, activities and information all lead by Bounce founder, Maria Smith.

Hey, welcome!

The Bounce Program is a work-readiness training program unlike any other. It will help you overcome your fears and frustrations about finding a job, and take you on a journey to see your life in a completely different way.

The Bounce Program uses simple assessment tools to determine your level of work-readiness, and helps you to identify any potential barriers, that may be getting in your way. You’ll work through the program content with support from Bounce Coaches and Trainers, to build confidence, develop resilience, and create a plan with clear goals, for all the things you want to achieve.

At the end of the training, you’ll feel better equipped, and more motivated to find work, and you’ll have given your wellbeing a positive boost.

It’s seriously clever stuff!

Did we mention outcomes?

Thousands of people have completed The Bounce Program. Here’s what they’ve told us about their experience with the program.


Our average star rating


Increase in participants believing they are closer to getting their dream job.


Of participants feel they have been given more skills, to get a job after completing the program.


Of participants feel they have more confidence after completing the program.

What do they say about Bounce

We’ve witnessed incredible transformations from people who thought they’d never be able to find their way.

Everyone has a story to tell.

And the people who have been through a Bounce Program tell some of the best!

It really helped me find out what I want out of life other than just a career and how a career ties into my life and can help me reach the thing I want in life.

~ Soraya ~

I have gained some new skills in how to write a more professional resume and cover letter, and also how to set myself more reachable goals by breaking them down into smaller things to achieve, and not to be discouraged if I don’t achieve them straight away.

~ Jessica ~

I’ve gained a lot of new skills in participating in this course e.g cold calling, networks, rapport, communication styles of others and anchors.

~ Jake ~

Discovering myself was the biggest surprise as well my values and my beliefs.

~ Maya ~

I get a chance to know about me more during this Bounce program. There are may feelings I used to feel before , but now I know their name. It helped me to identify my feelings.

~ Sharmin ~

The program helped me realise I don’t have to just apply in retail, but that I can look for work in the areas relating to my goal, i.e. books, media.

~ Alessandra ~


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