Career Toolbox

Your Career Toolbox

All the essential tools and tips to help you get the job you want. You can come here any time, so when opportunity knocks, you’ll be ready!

Your Letters

Letters are the fastest way to tell an employer exactly who you are and what you can do. It is simply your resume shortened into a few paragraphs, and employers love them!

Your Resume

You probably already know that when you’re looking for work one of the most important tools is your resume.

Your Interviews

We all love a quick tip – the little bits and pieces of info that make our lives so much easier! When it comes to heading to an interview, quick tips are all we really need to make everything go smoother.

Your Cold Calling

If you have gone door-to-door, sent out letters asking about employment or made phone calls looking for work, then you have been cold calling (otherwise known as ‘canvassing’).