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Moving Through the Program


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Activities and Quizzes

Throughout the program you’ll do interesting activities and quizzes to help you better understand yourself, the world around you and what you really want in your life – you are not being ‘graded’ in any way, there is no wrong answer! Each time you complete an activity or quiz, your answers will be stored on your profile page. You can go there at any time to review them, save them as a PDF to your phone or computer, and even email them to yourself!

Remember to check your junk folder if you are emailing documents to yourself! Sometimes information can get a little lost. 

Most pages will have a video to watch. You must watch all of the video on each page to be able to move forward. If the videos appear slightly blurry, your internet connection may be a little slow. Just pause the video for a minute or so then hit play. This should make the image clearer.

Sharing the Important Stuff

It’s important to note that because this is a special employment-based program, provided to you by your Consultant, Coach or Training Provider, some of the activities and quizzes you complete will be shared with them. The information will help you work together on your job finding journey and help them get to know you better.

We promise not to share any personal, non-work related, information you provide inside the Bounce Online program, only the information that relates directly to helping you find the job of your dreams.

The list below is the information we will be sharing with your Consultant, Coach or Training Provider and we promise to let you know before you complete any activity that will be shared.

This icon shows when information in the quiz your about to complete will be shared with Career Counselor Consultant, Coach or Training Provider.

Living your Best Life


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Do you know what your best life might look like? We’d love to help find that out!

The Living Your Best Life Survey is an opportunity for you to assess where your life is right now. It’s a chance for you to think about how satisfied you are with the things you have. How you manage life and how you feel about yourself, and then as you work through the program, you will be able to identify the things you’d like to change. It’s important that you tell it like it is now, not how you would like it to be.

There’s a hidden reward linked to this part of the program, so if you’re happy to complete it, look out for it when you have finished!

Fill Up Your Tank


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Hard work deserves awesome rewards!

There are 6 badges to be won inside the program! The Map Badge, Key Badge, Signs Badge, Compass Badge, and Toolbox Badge are earned by completing each of the 5 modules inside the program.

The Fill Up Your Tank Badge, however, is super special! This can only be won by completing particular activities and earning gallons of fuel. Once you have enough gallons of fuel to start your journey, you will win this exclusive award! So, keep an eye out for this symbol and start filling your tank!

The Map Badge
The Key Badge
The Signs Badge
The Compass Badge
The Toolbox Badge
The Fill Up Your Tank Badge

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You’re about to show the world what you’re capable of and what a difference you can make!

Here’s how we’re going to do it

You’ll access our simple online platform from any device – smartphone, tablet or computer and login whenever and wherever you like.
Together, we’ll work through five modules of fun learning with step-by-step videos, quizzes and activities.

Each module only takes a couple of hours to complete.
You’ll develop new-found confidence and skills, so you can take the next steps into further study or work as soon as you’re ready.