Your World Map

Module 1: Model of the World


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Your Model of the World determines your responses or reactions to things happening outside of you; sometimes, it can also impact how you make decisions.

Think of it like a filtering system in your brain. It can see something that happens in the world then rearranges it inside your mind to make it make sense. Sometimes though, it can rearrange things in a way that may not be useful for our communication or our own sense of wellbeing.

During this program, we are going to explore more about the things that we can do to become more resourceful, drive our natural motivation, and of course, find clarity and direction for living your best life.

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Module 1: Beliefs Summary


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How do you feel after reflecting on your beliefs in a positive way?

It will take practice but if you actively think differently about yourself and situations your brain will get used to thinking this way, just as it did with your unresourceful beliefs, and it will become something you will unconsciously do with ease. Next time you start internally doubting yourself, think about what you have done today and implement it straight away. You will notice a huge difference in yourself.

Final Thought

Avoid thinking about the unresourceful stuff and using negative words like “never” and “can’t”. This helps the brain forget any form of unhelpful thoughts and latch on to your new way of thinking.

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Module 1: More on Beliefs


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Flipping Your Limiting Beliefs

That was the hard bit. Having to think about all the negative stuff is never fun, but this is where it starts getting good.

Now that you have identified the beliefs that are holding you back. You will go through the process of flipping them. You will create new beliefs that allow you to move forward towards the goals you want to achieve in your life.

In this section you will use the ‘Flip It’ process. You will flip the limiting or unresourceful beliefs that you have already identified. Remember, this is your journey; get the most out of this process as you can.  Take the negative thoughts that you identified previously and look into yourself. Explore the belief. Notice what useful and positive thoughts/beliefs can be identified from the negative.  

Example: Disempowering belief – “I’m not enough.” New empowering belief“I’m as good as I decide today and I am enough because I choose that.”


Can’t remember what your limiting beliefs were?

Click here to see them:

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Module 1: Values Summary


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Well done! You know your values inside and out!

This will help a lot later on in the program when we dive a little deeper into your career path.

Now that you know your values, let’s look at your beliefs.

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Module 1: More on Values


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Next, we’ll dig a little deeper into why these values are so important.

Choose your top 3 values from the previous page, then type them into the areas below. Think about them carefully, then explain what is important to you about each one.

Example: “Approval is important to me because it tells me that I am doing a good job and I worry less when I’m at work.”

Can’t remember the values you chose on the last page?

Click here to see them:

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Module 1: Conclusion to Your World Map


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Module 1: Beliefs


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What we believe about ourselves and our life impacts how we live and experience things around us.

We don’t mean religion or politics. Beliefs are the little things you say to yourself without realizing. You believe that they are true.

Unresourceful beliefs can impact our life in a negative way. For example, if you say to yourself “This interview is going to go badly” you are talking yourself into believing that it could never go well.

It becomes a belief that all interviews are going to go badly. You will stop yourself from succeeding because you don’t believe you can.

What to do:

How you can use this knowledge:

Improve your self-image

Learn to see yourself in a new light and be happier with who you are

Increase your confidence

Go into new situations knowing that you have everything handled

Achieve more

Feeling better about yourself means you become more productive

Think more positively

Positive thinking about yourself flows onto positive thinking about the things around you

In this section, you will be looking inside yourself and identifying any limiting or unresourceful beliefs that may hold you back.

This our first step, so we can spot what’s not working for you. Part 2 of the beliefs section will help you flip to a positive more empowering belief.

For this first part of the activity, you will need to look inside yourself and your life. Begin by identifying 3 limiting or unresourceful beliefs that you may have, that are holding you back in some way. 

Example: “Changing is hard for me.”

Module 1: Values


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Sometimes, we don’t realize that we value something. Which means that we can sometimes accidentally make choices that meet the value but go against our goals.

Figuring out what you value in life can make a huge difference to the decisions you make and can help you get to your goals faster.

If you’re having trouble figuring out what your values are, try looking at decisions you’ve made in your life (even the small ones). Figure out what drove you to make that choice. That will be your value.

What to do once you know your values:

How you can use this knowledge:

Better short-term decisions

Be in control over the little things that you may not have paid much attention to before.

Better long-term decisions

Create a long-term goal, plan and steps to getting there using your values.

Happier working life

Know what makes you happy in the workplace and use that info to your advantage.

Know yourself  better

Feel comfortable with yourself and know that you are doing your best to live your happiest life.