Your World Map

Module 1: A Snapshot in Time


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In this section you can take a look at the different areas of your life and create a snapshot in time.

This is so you can make a clear assessment of where you’re at in life. This is a really simple process.

In the list below, give each area of life a rating out of 5 based on how happy or satisfied you are with that area – 5 being great, and 1 being not so good, you’d like to make some changes. Just remember, this is about you and your own assessment. Tell it like it is so then we can work together and get it where you want it to be.

At the end of the program you’ll do this assessment again to see what has changed.

How you can use this knowledge:

Get to know you

Understand more about yourself and where you are in your life right now.

Make great choices

Take control of your life and make decisions that will help you get to the life you want.

Start your journey

Get a baseline for starting your change journey.

Feel amazing

Feel good about your achievements (big or small).

Use a little later in the program

This will help when you get to setting your vision and goals.

Look back and smile

Use the info as a tool to look back on, to keep you accountable and help you see how far you’ve come.

In each area of your life mark yourself from 1 to 5 of where you are now. 1 being not so good, 5 being outstanding!

Module 1: Introduction to Your World Map

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Before your journey begins, you need to discover yourself and uncover the things that make you, you.

Your past experiences, and your values and beliefs shape your view of the world. When you reveal the authenticity behind this, you can map out your journey forward – we call this a snapshot in time.