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General Site Tips:

What to use

You can complete the program on your computer, tablet or phone! Super simple stuff!


For the smoothest experience, we recommend using Google Chrome.


Interested in the program Terms? Click here to read them.


Want to read the Privacy Policy? Click here.

Video tips


Re-watch the any section of the video by hovering and selecting any position in the video progress bar.


Make the video full screen by hovering over the video and selecting the 'full screen' button at the very bottom right-hand side.


Remember, on each page you must watch the entire video before you can move onto the next section of the program.

Editing your Profile

Want to change your profile image?

Go to your profile page and click the grey icon that looks like a person. This will give you a pop up where you can change your profile picture to anything you’d like!

Want to change your password?

If you need to find out how to change your password, go to your profile page and click the blue text that says “Change password”.

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